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What is VRF?

New technologies like Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) are on the move. But like all new technologies, there’s a learning curve – a curve that Ice Air has straightened out to maximize your investments.

Because there’s no longer any denying the benefits of VRF. And with Ice Air VRF, these benefits are delivered simply and effectively.

Check out Our Advantages

Consistent comfort. Ice Air VRF's advanced controls detect the precise requirements of each zone, utilizing the exact amounts of refrigerant and energy needed.

Quiet operation. Ice Air VRF systems keep the noisier condensing unit outside. Indoor air handlers are designed with advanced acoustics in mind.

Energy efficiency. Ice Air VRF systems use less energy because they are designed to provide exactly the amount of cooling or heating needed for the current conditions. They run less frequently, at a lower capacity, and with optional heat recovery capture heat from the cooling process and reuse it in other areas that may need heating.

Installation flexibility in tight spaces. Ice Air VRF systems have smaller air handlers that usually don’t require ducts or as much wall and ceiling space. Our unique Hi Rise units provide space savings.

Simultaneous, zoned heating and cooling. Ice Air heat recovery VRF systems use residual heat from the air during the cooling process for other parts of the building needing heat. It’s truly “zoned” air control.

State-of-the-art controls. Ice Air VRF mobile control technology allows adjustment of temperature settings for each zone from a mobile device.

Fewer breakdowns/less downtime. Ice Air VRF systems run only when needed, usually under partial-load conditions. That means less wear and tear on the parts, fewer breakdowns. And if something happens to one indoor unit, others are unaffected.

VRF Benefits for Building Owners

The Ice Air VRF intelligence control system enables switching between the heating and cooling modes quickly and easily.

In cities everywhere, space is at a premium and energy costs are high. Developers and building owners know that residents and business tenants have been looking for a solution to their indoor comfort. Now, Ice Air VRF delivers that solution.

• High-end residences including townhouses,luxury apartments and condominiums are a “perfect fit” for our VRF systems.
• Restaurants benefit from ongoing “world class comfort”
• Retail stores understand shopper comfort comes from atmosphere and climate control
• Office spaces help productivity by making employees comfortable

Any situation that requires customized heating and cooling over multiple areas now has a perfect solution. Ice Air VRF!

Your Ice Air VRF System upfront investment is offset by lower energy bills and repair expenses over time. Your Ice Air technical sales executive will be happy to walk you through these pro formas. Because they are integrated, self contained systems that deliver advanced HVAC performance, Ice Air VRF systems are simple for trained technicians to install, making their ROI faster for owners and property managers.

Ice Air VRF Benefits for Building Owners
Ice Air VRF Benefits for Architects and Engineers

VRF Benefits for Architects and Engineers

Ice Air VRF is THE choice for Architects and Engineers

Ice Air's VRF systems are especially suited for the tight spaces often found in high-rise buildings. Our flexibility in having a wide variety of air handlers gives specifiers a wide variety of choices in meeting the design space requirements. We are the only company offering our unique Hi Rise indoor units, which save floor space and can condition multiple rooms.

Flexibility Pure and Simple

The key benefits are efficiency and flexibility. Ice Air VRF systems operate at variable speeds rather than simply performing an on/off operation. That means they work “only when necessary” and give you substantial savings on both energy and energy costs. Tenants of buildings experience “on demand” control because of this advanced technology. We keep it simple.

As a major manufacturer in HVAC systems, Ice Air has created their VRF line with a single objective: simplicity. We support this with sales engineers who can help you figure out how to maximize the performance and the comfort of occupants and owners alike! Check out just some of our Ice Air VRF advantages!

Design freedom. Ice Air VRF systems offer you maximum flexibility to meet your project objectives. Whether you are doing long or short tubing runs, or varying components to customize your sizing, you’ll find Ice Air VRF sales engineers ready to help.

Ease of installation. You can rest assured that the systems you design will be easy to install, too. Ice Air inherently understands the value of space, and our systems reflect that in your designs! Outdoor units are flexible, and indoor units small and easy to move into position.

Ease of maintenance. Once installed, our systems are simple to operate and maintain. That’s why Ice Air VRF systems keep your reputation for providing a high quality environment intact. They require minimal maintenance, giving you the peace of mind that they will perform the way you specified and installed them.