Ice Air VRF

What is VRF?

New technologies like Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) are on the move. But like all new technologies, there’s a learning curve – a curve that Ice Air has straightened out to maximize your investments.

Because there’s no longer any denying the benefits of VRF. And with Ice Air VRF, these benefits are delivered simply and effectively.


VRF Benefits for Building Owners

The Ice Air VRF intelligence control system enables switching between the heating and cooling modes quickly and easily.

In cities everywhere, space is at a premium and energy costs are high. Developers and building owners know that residents and business tenants have been looking for a solution to their indoor comfort. Now, Ice Air VRF delivers that solution.

VRF Benefits for Building Owners
VRF Benefits for Architects and Engineers

VRF Benefits for Architects and Engineers

Ice Air VRF is THE choice for Architects and Engineers

Ice Air's VRF systems are especially suited for the tight spaces often found in high-rise buildings. Our flexibility in having a wide variety of air handlers gives specifiers a wide variety of choices in meeting the design space requirements. We are the only company offering our unique Hi Rise indoor units, which save floor space and can condition multiple rooms.

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