Ice Air VRF

Controllers and Options

Hi-Dom Air Conditioning Management System

Hi-Dom Air Conditioning Management System

Main Functions

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Adjustable Temperature Limits
  • Real-time Records Display
  • Controller Security
  • Access Control
  • Automatic Operation
  • Multifunction Alarm
  • Service Monitoring

Indoor and outdoor units connected on one circuit comprise a  single communication BUS system.

Configuration Outline:
A maximum of 128 indoor units can be connected per adapter.
A maximum of 32 adapters can be controlled per computer controlling 4096 indoor units.

Hi-Dom System Specifications

Model Name Power Supply Dimension(mm) Charging Function
IACS-H128H2C1YM DC 12V 180×110×40 With charging function
IACS-H128H2C1NM DC 12V 180×110×40 Without charging function
IACS-H247R4C1E DC 12V 180×110×40
Note: IACS-H247R4C1E is an essential equipment for IACS-H128H2C1YM to charging.