Ice Air VRF

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W Series

Ice Air VRF Outdoor W Series

The Ice Air W Series is a powerful, water-source solution utilizing an inverter-driven, multi-split air conditioning system. It incorporates all the benefits of a water-source heat pump system using advanced, heat-exchange technology. The Ice Air W Series is especially suited for a wider running range of cooling and heating applications.

  • Direct Heat Exchange means less energy loss
  • Inverter-driven Adjustment means more efficient partial load performance.
  • High temperature resistance, even in summer
  • During heating operation, operating stability prevents frosting and defrosting from occuring
  • Multiple indoor unit types allow for system customization

Ice Air W Series Benefits:

Ton Model Number Combination
12 VFOWC-144BRAC 2-units
14 VFOWC-168BRAC 2-units
16 VFOWC-192BRAC 2-units
18 VFOWC-216BRAC 3-units
20 VFOWC-240BRAC 3-units
22 VFOWC-264BRAC 3-units
24 VFOWC-288BRAC 3-units