Ice Air VRF

Central Controller

Ice Air VRF IA AC BAC 16_IA AC BAC 64 BAC_net Gateway

IA-AC-BAC-16/IA-AC-BAC-64 BACnet Gateway

Building Management System

  • Compatible with multiple communication protocols: BACnet, MODBUS, etc…
  • Connectable to BMS or Smart Home System via IA-A64BNp or IAPC-H2MC, can be connected to a maximum of 64 indoor units
  • Real-time operation status updates
  • Designated monitoring center can control all systems

Main Functions

  • Running-State Monitoring/ON-OFF Setting
  • Airflow Setting and Monitoring
  • Wireless Controller Permission/
  • Operating Mode Setting
  • Alarm Monitoring and Code Display
  • Indoor Temperature Monitoring
  • Temperature Setting and Monitoring
  • Communication Failure Display
  • Filter Cleaning Prompts