Ice Air VRF

Ceiling Ducted High Static Pressure

Ice Air VRF Indoor Ceiling Ducted High Static Pressure


At 10-1/2 inches high, this space saver easily fits into limited height space requirements, while delivering superior ducted performance.

  • Multiple duct options
  • Excellent air flow at low sound levels
  • Optional drain pumps
  • Optional outdoor air is processed through a filtration system guaranteeing a continuous supply of clean indoor air
Ceiling Ducted (High Static Pressure) Model VFICD-07BX2SAH
Ton 0.6
Model Power Supply AC 1-Phase 208/230V 60Hz
Cooling Operation Nominal Capacity Btu/h 7,500
Power Consumption kW 0.1
Heating Operation Nominal Capacity Btu/h 8,500
Power Consumption kW 0.1
MCA (Minimum Circuit Ampacity) A 0.8
MOP (Minimum Overcurrent Protection) A 15
Air Flow Rate (Hi/Med/Low) CFM 318/247/212
Noise Level (Hi/Med/Low) dB(A) 34/30/26
Overall Dimension Height inch 10-5/8
Width inch 25-19/32+2-15/16
Depth inch 28-11/32
Net Weight lbs. 53
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Flow Control Micro-computer Control Expansion Valve
Piping Connections Flare-nut Connection(with Flare Nuts)
Refrigerant Piping Gas Line inch 1/2
Liquid Line inch 1/4
Condensate Drain inch 1 (Inner Diameter)
External Pressure in. W.G. 0.2(0.3)
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