Ice Air VRF

H Series

Ice Air VRF Outdoor H Series Large


Ice Air’s H Series multi-split units incorporate advanced DC inverter technology and provide great product and installation flexibility.
Features include:
• 2 to 10 tons condensers
• Up to 11 indoor units per system
• Dual aerodynamic condenser Fans mean energy savings and low outdoor sound levels
• Wide range of indoor unit types air capacities allows for easy, customized installation

Ice Air VRF H Series Model VFO-76BRAH
Ton 6
Model Power Supply Phase Voltage Hz AC 3-Phase 208/230V 60Hz
Cooling Operation Nominal Capacity Btu/h 77,000
Power Consumption kW 6.3
EER (Btu/h)/W 12.22
Heating Operation Nominal Capacity Btu/h 85,000
Power Consumption kW 5.9
COP W/W 4.24
MCA (Minimum Circuit Ampacity) A 22
MOP (Minimum Overcurrent Protection) A 30
Air Flow Rate CFM 4,273
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) inch 43-5/16 x 15-11/32 x 64-31/32
Net Weight lbs. 371
Compressor Quantity 1
Compressor Type Inverter Scroll Hermetic Compressor
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Charge Amount lbs. 11
Refrigerant Flow Control Micro-computer Control Expansion Valve
Condenser Fan Quantity 2
Cabinet Color Ivory White
Refrigerant Piping Gas Line inch 5/8
Liquid Line inch 3/8
Maximum Number of Connectable IDU 10
Maximum Actual Pipe Length Ft. 328
Height Difference Maximum Below Unit Ft. 164
Maximum Above Unit Ft. 131
Between IDUs Ft. 49
Noise level Cooling/Heating dB(A) 53/55
Operation Range Cooling °F DB 23°F~114.8°F
Heating °F DB -4°F~60°F
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