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Ice Air VRF Outdoor W Series 3x


The Ice Air W Series is a powerful, water-source solution utilizing an inverter-driven, multi-split air conditioning system. It incorporates all the benefits of a water-source heat pump system using advanced, heat-exchange technology. The Ice Air W Series is especially suited for a wider running range of cooling and heating applications.

  • Direct Heat Exchange means you’ll loss less energy
  • Inverter-driven Adjustment means a more efficient performance under partial load
  • High temperature resistance, even in summer
  • In heating operation, frosting and defrosting will not occur for more stability in performance
  • Comfort and stability are the cornerstones of the W Series with its multiple duct types to meet personalized requirements
Ice Air VRF W Series Model VFOWC-216BRAC
Combination VFOWC-72BRAC
Ton 18
Model Power Supply Phase Voltage Hz AC 3-Phase 208/230V 60Hz
Cooling Operation Nominal Capacity Btu/h 206,000
EER (Ducted/Non- ducted) (Btu/h)/W 12.30/12.50
IEER (Ducted/Non- ducted) (Btu/h)/W 22.60/22.50
Heating Operation Nominal Capacity Btu/h 230,000
COP (Ducted/Non- ducted) W/W 4.73/5.14
MCA (Minimum Circuit Ampacity) A 113
MOP (Minimum Overcurrent Protection) A 200
Water Side Water Temp. Range °F 50 °F ~113 °F
Water Flow Rate GPM 59.44
Water Pressure Drop in. W.G. 71
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) inch (30-23/32+30- 23/32+30-23/32) x 21-21/32 x 39-3/8
Net Weight lbs. 1059
Compressor Quantity 3
Compressor Type Inverter Scroll Hermetic Compressor
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Charge Amount lbs. 15
Refrigerant Flow Control Micro-computer Control Expansion Valve
Cabinet Color Ivory White
Refrigerant Piping Gas Line inch 1-1/8
Liquid Line inch 3/4
Maximum Number of Connectable IDU 36
Maximum Actual Pipe Length Ft. 393
Maximum Equivalent Pipe Length Ft. 459
Height Difference Maximum Below Unit Ft. 164 (295 With Field Setting* )
Maximum Above Unit Ft. 131 (295 With Field Setting*)
Between IDUs Ft. 49 (98 With Field Setting*)
Noise level Cooling/Heating dB(A) 55/56
*Please contact our technical department at 1-877-ICEAIR (1-877-423-2471) for assistance.
The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.